And here is a reason why Indian Talk Radio Network might work and make money!


There are around 150 Internet Radio’s and 450 AM/FM Radio’s and none serving the market or exploring the opportunity that i mentioned here.

What is Online Talk Radio and where it’s heard?

  • Listeners can access an Internet radio station by just going online and connecting to the radio station address.
  • This form of broadcast presents listeners with a continuous stream of audio that typically cannot be paused or replayed, much like traditional broadcast media

Idea: Developing a potential 1st Talk Radio Station through Online Radio format

Why You should listen to me?

I am Nikhil Dintakurthi, a Podcast Consultant/Producer who have been studying the market of Audiobooks, Podcasts & Internet Radio for past few years and understood some of the inner working of those platforms and how they monetize. I had the opportunity to work on end to end production on multiple projects on different languages and in multiple genres. If you are interested in working or investing in this space, would be happy to discuss on how to go about it and might even save you some time and money in the process 🙂 Want More details? Contact info at the end.

Now back to the content –


  • No one attempted this
  • For a production company with good bank of content, they can keep episodes in a look and release daily, weekly and multiple times in a day formats
  • Can be a options for ad rolls, direct messaging with audience with out post production.
  • Audience puller and entry to a whole new market.
  • Audience tuning doesn’t need to worry about which show to listen to and browse but they have radio station doing that job of selecting and playing the content
  • All kinds of content will get an opportunity of exposure for listeners


  • An opportunity to recall old episodes and play it to live audience
  • Easy Access
  • No License and frequency required
  • Will be available in all Online Radio Listening Platforms
  • Can be part of your website & App platforms
  • Doesn’t need to worrying about music licensing as its a completely talk radio
  • Episodes selected and shown on live according to the situation. (Imagine an episode recorded 3 years back on a topic thats very relevant today, it can be immediately played )

Use Case Scenario:

  1. A popular pop culture podcast show releases 5 days a week during the prime time of the day around 9-10 am will have few listeners tuning in during travel and they can consume this more effective and will have both radio feel to it and also have live audience.
  1. News Radio: A 5 min daily news & business show will be published twice or thrice a day and as its more topical – it makes a ton of sense

Current Market Scenario (Almost all of them are music Radio Station) (Source:


Who is this Idea best suited for? A content hub which is in a consistent process of creating more shows and episodes and have a huge catalogue – created a global audience system and anyone who love’s the concept of radio.

– Nikhil Dintakurthi

You can book a consulting call with me at – Calendly


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