An Angel From a Monster


I had left the one, I had once swiped right.

The Monster, I made love with, on the marriage night.

No regrets, though the society would show me down.
No regrets though people around me would frown.

The Monster who gifted me an angel, but made my life nightmare.
But the monster who made me a fighter the courage to dare.

And So I slam the divorce papers on your face,
And mend my mistake, as my heart aches in disgrace.

Dear Ex Husband,

I thought you loved me, but you just needed that egg in my womb.
To induce a polluted mentality within the closed bedroom.

The two red lines on the pregnancy kit, both of us smiled.
But you were dejected the moment you knew, it was a female child.

The older generation, stereotyped I know.
“Not daughters, but son for the family to grow.”

But you, my ex-husband, I thought you belong to today.
High qualification, but narrow mind, what a dismay.

My daughter opened her eyes to life,
To find her papa leaving alone his wife.

She had seen the cruelty since the day one.
And I’m happy I didn’t bear a son.

You would have stayed back and groomed him the same.
Now only I will groom my daughter, though without father’s name.

And I would teach her to trash men like you.
I’ll be strong for her, I’ll build my life new.

And I know one day, my daughter would be proud of me.
And I know one day, a strong women, she too would grow to be.

– Sanjana Jathar


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