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Are you a curious soul when it comes to Media and Marketing? If yes, then you are indeed in the right place. Top Media and Marketing stories are unfolded here. From Branding to Advertising and from Current Happenings to all you need to know in this industry.

What is BMM GURU?

We are a community for Media-Marketing Students and Aspirants. Thinking Strategically, being Creative, and Working in Artistic ways is all we do.

And of course, we apprise with Student – Entrepreneurial life, College, Advertising, Media, Festivals and events, Academics, Workshops, Social Activities, Reviews, Journalism, Art, Photography, and what not!

What does BMM GURU Blog about?

The BMM GURU Blog provides you with a whole range of write-ups that will guide you through the Mass Media industry. If you are a student, fresher, or a professional and you are looking for career options, jobs, or willing to stick around the world of Media and Marketing then, The BMM Guru Blog is a one-stop solution for everything.

We at BMM Guru are just like you! We are curious about creative Ads, we enjoy exploring visionary Marketing campaigns, we talk about the coolest photography and designing hacks, and we do share exciting roles (vacancies) in and around the industry.

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