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He knew my daily route. He knew where I lived. He knew when I left for college and came back home. He knew every way to creep me out. Every day, he followed me, passing nasty comments, firing awkward glances and I did nothing, I simply walked my way home shivering head to toe. Who knew when would his courage accelerate from teasing to molestation.

This was the time I began regretting having an elder brother. A brother to threaten the stalker, a brother to complain to. A brother to beat the shit out of him.

Days passed and his motives strengthen. That evening, I felt his body advance fast towards me, as he swung his hand to grab my wrist, I made a near escape. I ran as fast as my legs could dashed and locked my house from inside and sulked down the sofa pantingly. A terrible episode left me almost traumatised and my family got it well.

The next morning I refused to even step out of my room, I was scared, he was to grab me by my wrist yesterday, what plans he may have for today. My elder sister was more moved by my condition than anyone in the house. She knew something troubled me so she decided on dropping me to college on her way to the office. That scared me even more, what if he harms dii too. But I had no say, she had almost dragged me along.

I walked crampy behind dii. The moment he saw us, he began following,  closer and closer and advanced his hand yet again to grab my wrist. But he failed this time too. No, I did nothing. To turn around, I found dii grip him by his hand, as she fiercely twisted and locked his arm behind his back and kicked him hard. In one smack his game was over. By this time, the ’till now sleeping’ crowd came in for their contribution of punches and took him to the police station as an artificial act of social responsibility.

By this time, no, I wasn’t crying. I was mum at one corner instead. Did she take karate, classes? Clearly, this wasn’t how I thought my grievances would end, but it was beautiful, even more, beautiful as Dii hugged me tightly, “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” I had no answer. I, a media student, who always propagated about how women and men were equal, actually looked upon only at a  brother for protection when I had such a strong sister. Dii had gifted me a new sunshine, a brighter day and importantly, fearlessness. All these years, not having a brother, Raksha Bandhan went as a bland regular holiday, but this time, I had a reason, I had a wrist to tie Rakhi to. Not a brother, but a sister to entrust my safety too.

So girls, this year why only brothers, give a sweeter twist to tradition and tie your sister a Rakhi, as it has been rightly said since years that ‘An elder sister is like a mother”, and a mother can go to any extent to shield her child.

– Sanjana Jathar


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