A bridge to the DIVINE – Indian classical music.


OM the first sound of creation as per Hindu mythology. Each and every starts and end with this word . The classical tradition of music in India is treated as sacred means to interact with LIFE .

Indian classical music has very ancient origins . It is said that it has evolved over last 3000 years , beginning with the Vedic shlokas , hymns sung in specific rhythm . One such tale speaks of a reputed singer from Mughal Emperor Akbar’s court called Tanseen who created fire by singing raga ‘Deepak’ and rain by raga ‘Megh Malhar’ .

The process of unraveling the mystery of classical music is akin to unraveling the enigma of LIFE .  – DIPTI SANZGIRI.

A philosopher , the truth seeker , goes through life like a musician, invoking virtue of love , generosity , justice , through practice in every aspect of life , till he conquers the tendencies that take him away from higher aspect of himself .

It si basic principle of philosophy :service . Learning to think beyond one’s personality . The first principle for initiating any sadhana,practice: slowly and surely kills one’s ego .

Few basic aspects of Indian classical music ; the seven notes – Sa – Shadhaj , Re – Rishabh. Ga – Gandhar , Ma – Madhyam , Pa – Pancham , Dha – Dhaivat and Ni – Nishad and then back to Sa of the higher octave . It is said that each of these notes are inspired by the calls of different birds . Sa of Peacock and Pa of Nightangle.

-Sumeet Sengar


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