9 professions opened to social media freaks


What’s the first thing we do, the moment we get a new smartphone? Of course we dash to the app store and download the trending socializing apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more and end up getting addicted to it. It may be an amazing platform to interact with a lot of people, to showcase views and talents and explore places and products and services. But our social media addiction becomes a reason for our mother’s anger who believes it to be a waste of time. Partially, she is correct when you have other commitments, but not fully since with increasing user base on these platforms, the social media has become a significant tool for marketing and promotion. So if you can get appreciably creative on these platforms, ask mom to take a chill-pill and concede her to these new professions exploiting the field of social media.

This is the person mainly responsible for maintaining a mutual confidence and faithful relationship of the organization with its public including not just customer but also the government, and the general public.
Educational Requirements- preferably, three years degree course of Bachelor’s of Mass media or master’s degrees in public relations, journalism or communications.
A social media manager has to keep an eye on the presence of the organization on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Social Media manager needs to be active and creative to keep the up the buzz about the organization/product as Social media is one of the largest communication platforms these days.
Educational Requirements- Bachelor’s degree in the field of communication, advertising and marketing.
The following person plans and organizes large-scale events, meetings, seminars, conferences, formal parties and correspondence regarding the same of corporate organizations.
Educational requirements-A bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, communication and Public relations and add-on event planning courses.
A blogger is an internet user who indulges into putting his own created or influenced content like informative, story, report, poems and other forms of articles on world wide web. Paid blogging is a growing field.
Educational requirements- No specific degree. Creativity and command on language.
A social media influencer is a like a brand ambassador for an organization on social media. The influencers usually have a large followers base this making accessible to a large social audience. The organization uses them as the tool of credibility in the eyes of Their followers thus conducting social media promotions for the product.
Educational requirements- No specific education requirements, huge follower base.
This person pens down the body copy and content for advertisement creatively. Similarly, a copywriter creates content for verbal and print promotion of a product aiming to build brand image and awareness and keep in touch with the public. There is a huge scope for social media copywriters.
Educational Requirements- Bachelor’s in Mass media, degree in a language or marketing.
A social media analyst works with search engine optimization techniques with social media and blogging. It is basically a marketing agent if the organization that boosts the presence of a brand on the web.
Educational requirements- bachelor’s in the field of social media, communication, marketing or Public relations.
A product promotions manager is the corporate person of a brand that plans and create strategies to execute campaign and products promotions to various platforms of mass media.
Educational requirements- Three years of graduation course or two years of post graduation course in the fields like- business, communication, statistics, computer and technology with creative strategy device ability.
A community manager is the face of the company/ spokesperson or the communicator on the behalf of its organisation. In the digital era, the community manager is responsible for communication inclusive in PR, marketing, social media, events and content creation plus presentation on its behalf.
Educational requirements- Degree in journalism, communication or PR and a mandatory language.

Even though the above professions demands one to be active on social media. It’s not all that it takes to work efficiently in this field. It demands for exploitation of the social medias exposure creatively. One can’t simply survive in the field with only the knowledge of social-media, but the profession also calls for a good command on language, marketing tactics and creative content creation. If you have it all and social media is your hub, a degree in mass media and you can hop to your favourite jobs.

– Sanjana Jathar

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