5 Online Relationships That Generally Happens Around Bae


Today’s texting culture has complicated between couples to a point where simple interactions feel like mind Games.

Textlationship– A relationship that never blossoms into anything more than a text conversation. (You and imaginary bae are trapped in your phone for eternity or until you delete your message history)

Hauting– When someone who ghosted you in the past randomly “likes” one of your old selfies or follows you on Instagram just to remind you that they exist. (Shady bae is back and creepier than ever)

Is it haunting if someone who previously ghosted you constantly watches your Instagram stories?

Yes, they’re still creeping out of curiosity!!! No, views on instagram stories mean nothing.

Slow Fade– When someone who initially seemed superb into you slowly backs away from your fire conversation and barely makes an effort to keep in touch.  (Timid bae is too timid to ghost you altogether)

Mooning– When someone unknowingly shuts down communication by disabling notifications on your conversation.This term refers to the do not disturb half moon icon. (Bae puts a noise-cancelling headphone in response to your texts)

Cushioning– When someone in a committed relationship keeps a few “Cushion” baes around just in case their main ship sinks. (Main bae is merely a body pillow in a sea of basic throw pillows)

To Summaries:

Jamie and Morgan met on TINDER. They’ve been on several dates and chat 24/7, But Jamie is still swiping and dating other people. Morgan thinks they have a good connection, But she fears she’s being cushioned from the GET-GO. (If you were Morgan, would you initiate the DTR conversation STAT or BACK away from the relationship to see How they react?


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