2 Things I learnt from my Paper Boat journey, CEO & Founder Neeraj Kakkar


I still remember when I was 10 years old, growing up in a small village in Haryana. There was a small play ground near to my house and I am not that good with cricket but I use to feel that I want hit 6 six’s in one over or all wickets at one time and I thought I want to be a super hero.  I had some kind of thoughts that run on my mind at time like I would come first in Haryana board, I will beat the thief really hard if he came to rob my house or nearby community, I use to think about I will save my friends from drowning when it happens, even I don’t even know how to swim. I though Can I be a super hero?

At some stage in my life I realised that super hero thing is really not possible. Life sets on and we have to do what we have do.

Basically I am food guy, I believe that food is a culture and it’s a hidden emotion. You can’t see it, you can only feel it. Food shows the culture of the place and culture of the cook and it migrates if it’s really good.

Do you know about pulav, its started very long back on Middle east at the time of B.C’s and it travelled to Spain, France and many more countries and also it came to India long time back all because it’s a culture and true emotion.

Not just pulav, how about gol gappa, their use to be no one in south who eat Gol Gappas 20 years back and now in Bangalore, before every super market there will always be someone with a gol gappa stand and Almost all of them are from North India. How about Momo’s in Delhi, 20 years back Chanakya Puri and kamala Nagar are the two places which serves it but now even sweets wala guy also selling momo’s their shop.

Food is a culture, emotion and it migrates. – neeraj kakkar

Food migrates and travels around the world and companies make it faster and efficient.  We at paper boat believe in 2 things to make a brand successful. That’s being alive and authentic.


For a brand believing alive is very important, we should always keep on changing as per the environment and bring life to the brand. If not it will be a product with no soul or no emotions attached to it, for example Chawan Prash. Youth will no longer accept us and connect with us. So we should keep our brand alive and active. And the next important thing is.


This part is little Difficult to communicate and you can’t say I am authentic. You should show it in your products and your activities.

That’s what we do to show the authenticity, we take our childhood memories and we that way we make our brand alive and that makes people to recall that our products are as authentic as our childhood memories. Memories are always authentic and we will always try to associate with it.

That’s the reason we made our tagline Dreams and memories, It’s challenging and tough to show the authenticity so which we added our childhood memories in a way to show authenticity by showing our innocence in our childhood.

One of a good example I can give about this is Aaamras, highest selling product of paper boat, for an year are so we tried with different mangoes to get the same taste that can give us pure nostalgia about our summer times in childhood but, there was a problem with colour and taste and we then later realised that in many parts of India most of mangoes go for ripping process which make 45 days process of ripping in to 12-15 days. We thought that might be reason and we believed in natural taste, so we started dealing with 100 tons of mangoes on our first year and second year it was 500 tons of mangoes, this year we did 10,000 tons.

When you try to use authenticity for your product it should back your product quality. If not, there is no purpose of using it.

Panakam is an another example that I want to share here, it’s a famous drink that’s made in south India during Ram Navami festival season and all south states as Andhra, Tamil nadu and Karnataka have a different style of making it. Andhra uses pepper, Tamil Nadu uses Ginger and Karnataka much sweeter and we though to make that kind of panakam that no one ever tasted and that should be the best in the world and for the ingredient we thought we will be at centre to all three recipes and make one out of it. More than increase in sales for this product we got issues with the taste and south people they didn’t like it. We then realised that day rather than letting 3 people say I like you; it’s better one to say I love you. That way you get trust of that one person or a particular kind off audience as well as that’s the only way we can survive in the market or in life.

In food, authenticity is very important. If you say something about your product and it doesn’t match then there will be a huge loss in trust by your customers.

We compete with big folks, need to accept that. But we believe in what we produce, our ads are just a mirror of our true emotions and authenticity.

Neeraj felicitated by OneDrop CEO Jeffrey Dachis

This was an key note speech at IDMA 2017 Awards organised by Exchange 4 media and he was later felicitated by  OneDrop CEO  Jeffrey Dachis.

-sai nikhil dintakurthi.


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