10 things a media student can do in their free time


So as a media student or a media aspirant you all must have ample amount of time during your vacations and you certainly would want to utilize that time by getting more familiar with the media industry. The media industry is huge and getting to know the industry better, learning about the media world and to start experiencing things will surely push you a step further into the industry while starting your career. We have a list of 10 things for you to do during your vacations which might help you with a good resume for your jobs in the media industry and will allow you to have a taste of the same, you can utilize your time by doing these things and being productive. These things will help you get connected with the fields you want to work in and also guide you on your way to pursue your passion.

1 – Study in detail about the branches in the media industry – Searching in detail about the various fields and sub-fields branches of media industry, you will get a better understanding about what actually you want to do, which field you want to choose and explore other options rather than the prevailing ones in the industry. You might find out about new fields and upcoming opportunities which will help you for choosing exactly the path you want to follow in the media industry.

2 –  Get on-field experience – Put yourself out there, look for internships in the field you want to work in, get more experience from working in the media agencies and get to know about the media in a lot better way, to give you a better understanding about the field you want to work in. This will definitely look good on your resume and help your career. You will also get a preexisting knowledge about your concerned field.

3 – Get in touch with people related to the media/agency – Contacts are the one things which will help you get a good career in the media industry. So, you must get in touch with the people from media industry or agencies and get to know about how the media industry works to get a better hold of it. These contacts will help you in long-term too.

4 – Join a course concerning your field of study – Join a classes/course which will teach you more about the field you’re thinking to pursue. This will help you enhance your skills and give you additional knowledge about the same. What you won’t learn through syllabus, these classes/courses might help you, they will certainly give you exposure.

5 – Start reading more – Read more articles in newspapers, magazines and journals to stay updated on the current trends and upcoming events in media industry and to stay updated. This will give you a new outlook towards the industry and a deeper sense of the industry. Read interviews on renowned personalities and analyse it to understand their way of thinking in the media world.

6 – Start interacting -As you have a lot of time on your hands, start interacting with people from media industry, this will give you a better insight on things related to media and you will actually know what goes around in the media industry by the people who are related to it. Talk to media patrons or your friends, this will help you get some more knowledge and different outlooks and perspective towards the media world. You might also find out new things, which you weren’t aware of.

7 – Stay connected – Join all types of social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. and follow the directors and actors and other people related to media, follow pages of regarding media world and profiles of profound personalities in the media world, this will tell you what’s happening every minute in the media industry and you’ll never slack on information.

8 – Be creative and imaginative – Media industry is all about being creative and imaginative. The more unique you are the more chances for you to survive in this media world. So always try to be creative and imaginative and challenge yourself. Start something where you can put this creativity and imagination in use, this might help you in future in the media world.

9 – Start your own media interactive account – You can start a YouTube channel, a blog, a Facebook page or a website for the purpose of sharing your views and knowledge, directly in the media world and also gaining some in return. This will give you exposure to the outside world, where you can directly interact with people about the media world and it’s happenings.

10 – Learn more about the path their going to choose – As a media student, you will have a variety of options laid out for you. You have to choose a specific field and learn more about it, get to know more about the path you’re going to lead. Solve your doubts, read more articles and try and contact from the same field as you’re going to take. Learning more about the path you’ll choose, will give you a clear vision of your future.

-Jaanvi Vaina


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