10 Reasons why Indian democracy is the best in the world.

At Ramlila ground in New Delhi December 28, 2013. REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee (INDIA - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS)

What is democracy?

Democracy is all about Letting people decisions flourish and people are ultimate authoritarians, not a single man, nor a party or a family from 6 decades and not even imprinting fixed ideology. The path to extreme  national happiness is paved with democracy. It is just as simple as that, Democratic nations are happy nations, because democracy is an outcome of an great revolution for freedom and sustenance.

“Mahatma Gandhi’s view of democracy “is fully enriched with non-violence that exists in no nation of the world as of now.

Lal Bahadur Shastri’s view of democracy:

A public meeting held in 1965 at the Ram Lila grounds in Delhi after ceasefire, he complained against a BBC report which claimed that Shastri’s identity as a Hindu meant that he was ready for a war with Pakistan. He stated that every person has a right to choose any religion in this democratic country and politics is above all religions and I am not above it,   we do not bring religion into politics and respect our democracy.

Nor Gandhi neither Shastri is above democracy. Present politicians should imbibe same culture.

Nation and its democracy:

The Republic of India is the largest democracy in the world. India is the seventh largest and the second most populous country in the world. The world’s largest democracy by electorate was created after independence in 1947 under the leadership of its nationalist movement, the Indian National Congress. Indian democracy is characterized by peaceful coexistence of different ideas and ideals and intellective.

10 things that shows India is a best democratic country in the world. Here are they:
  • There is a saying “Yatha Raja, thathaa Praja” (Like the King, the people).
    But, democracy is right the opposite “Yatha Praja, thathaa Raja
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  • This may happen to all of us, in our early and middle age, for fulfillment of needs we ask our dad, if not we go to mom. The same way in democracy a citizen can ask a legislator for his fulfillment, if not he can approach courts for his rights and desires. Democracy gives that freedom. 
Freedom of choosing what we want
  • “Democracy is like a car and the leadership is like your driver. If your driver has a penchant for drunk driving, you fire him and find a better one, same for democracy, if a ruler is corrupt and crooked, we fire him in next elections and choose the one we want.
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  • Maintaining 1.2 billion people with biggest democracy in the planet (only for human) had been possible only with WRITTEN constitution, not with these rightist, leftist or scamist political groups, you can’t change the preamble, because only part of a building may be changed, not the pillar.
Credits: The Indian express
  •  Live let live, is the foundation stone to Indian democracy given to Indian people and states by its first era politico-freedom fighters, dual authority – the authority of the Union, the authority of the States and authority of common man through panchayats. This is the greatness of Indian democracy. It is not only written in constitution but implementing through constitution.
Dr. Ambedkar’s historical speech
  • Dr. B.R.Ambedkar said in constitutional debates in 1948: “Sir, it may be true that this Assembly is not a representative assembly in the sense that Members of this Assembly have not been elected on the basis of adult suffrage. I am prepared to accept that argument. But the further inference which is being drawn that if the Assembly had been elected on the basis of adult suffrage, it was then bound to possess the intellectual upper-class knowledge who dominated caste system and now the future of our child’s, so this Indian style of democracy gives freedom to all population.”


  • The mistakes and blunders of British THE GREAT gave us hope how not to build a democratic country, they gave us broken bones, we re-constructed it, gave flesh and blood and life it lives today.
Source: AAP
  •  In authoritative, or dictatorship rule, suppression is inevitable and revolution is followed and emergence of leader, hero or god(in ancient ) emerges, but in democracy every citizen is an hero.
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  • There is always an advantage increase of tax, guess what? That makes people raise their voice over government and make fulfill their needs and desire. That is what democracy needs and mean, but I don’t support this intellectual RBI’s view.

  • Indian democracy will be successful only if  all citizens have a right to participate in the affairs of the polity and economics only if the citizens are well informed on all sides of the issues, which  comes only when media performs its duty and media students are much ahead of rest of the country. The Media now unofficially recognized as a fourth pillar of democracy but it has no constitutional origin, we all need to strive for giving oxygen to democracy.

This Gandhi Jayanthi, lets look back our efforts of a Nation’s leader and father of the nation and all the freedom fighter’s struggle for independence.  There struggle gave us gave us a true democracy.

Remember, democracy means “Yatha Praja, thathaa Raja “. Its our duty to make our country better and peaceful.

Jai Hind!


    • Name a process or a system that can govern 1.4 billion people effectively with taking care of most of the civil rights with out major disturbances in the society.


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